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Oklahoma Tornado Trip

Giving Back to Oklahoma

In May 2013, My Pampered Pooch and the Fayette/Coweta community joined together on a mission to support the victims of the EF5 Tornadoes in Oklahoma.  These photos do not begin to show how tragic it truely was.  Please continue to pray for these families and this community. We thank you, along with ALL of the families of Oklahoma that you so generously blessed! 

Items donated had to be sorted and boxed.   This was a huge effort...we had some amazing volunters that helped!  Go Ms Avis and Mr Clyde!

It's 5 oclock and the fun of loading the truck is about to begin.

It only took 1 hour to load the truck with the help of some special people.

Plus one very special person:) who is always there to help me no matter the task!

One thing I can say is that God had his hand in this journey every step of the way, He continued to place some amazing people in our path.

On the Road

Summer time travel includes the Dept of Transportation getting involved with your vacation...needless to say they do NOT want you to arrive on time. It doesn't matter the highway always plan on delays.

Riva didn't mind the traffic delays she was pretty comfortable!

As we got closer to Oklahoma City the riverbeds were overflowing
 and the currents were pretty rapid.

Our original destinatin was the Assembly of God Church in Carney Ok, a city of 650 people and an average income of around $27,000.  Pastor Bo said they had been preparing breakfast, lunch and dinner for the past two weeks.  34 homes were lost in the area and 8 were from his church alone.  Since the El Reno tornado had just happened he sugggested we take our supplies to them...so I got on the phone as we continued down I-40 to make some phone calls to find a location that were accepting donations.

I contacted the Red Cross in El Reno and they had the shelter set up but were not accepting donations.  They wanted us to carry our supplies back to Okla City and unload in a warehouse they had set up.  I couldn't see going 20 miles away from the people who were in need.  I got back on the phone and started called local churches.  I spoke with Pastor Brian Trull from the Bible Baptist Church in El Reno and asked if they were set up as a shelter and he said yes. 

When I asked directions from the Red River community College I know God was still very much in control of this journey.  He said to continue through the parking lot and to take a left we would see him standing outside by the church.  WOW!!!  his next statement was just as important.  He said he had 2 young men to help unload the truchk!

It was amazing the short amount of time it took to unload the supplies and get them in the shelter.

I know you can't read this but I want to share with you about a special 6 yr old named Avery.  She took her allowance and bought a huge box of color books and crayons for the children in Oklahoma.  On each color book she taped this note telling her name, age, and that she was from Newnan, Ga.  She hoped they smiled when they received her gift and that Jesus loved them and she would be praying for them.  When her mother, Cynthia brought the box to the shop and I read the note tears came to my eyes.  What an amazing young woman she will be, she has learned to go so "BIG" as a child!

El Reno Oklahoma

Many of these photos are from Route 66.

Midwest City Shelter

Do to the layout of the facility we had to unload the dog food into a pickup truck and then into the shelter. And yes it was a typical summer day in Oklahome HOT!!

One of my favorite places on the trip...we turned in the UHaul truck.

Moore Oklahoma

These pictures do not begin to the magnitue of distruction.  The number of subdivisions distroyed continue for miles.

Rebuilding of a bank not evern two weeks out from the storm.

According to our GPS this is the location the Plaza Towers Elementary School was located.  We placed 7 bundles of flowers for the children lost in this tragedy.

Neighborhood after neighborhood, street after street looked like a bomb had went off but not fire.