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Services Brochure

Services Brochure

Self Wash

No appointment necessary. Tubs are based on a first come, first serve basis all supplies are provided.


Small dogs

under 20 lbs


Medium dogs      

21 to 50 lbs


Large dogs

51 to 90 lbs


Giant dogs

91 to 125 lbs


Wow dogs

126 lbs and up       



Bath & Brush

The Bath & Brush is perfect for helping maintain your pampered pooch between grooms. Reservations required. Add $10 to self wash fee (based on size, breed, and condition of coat).


A La Cart Services

Ear Cleaning


Nails Dremel


Nails Dremel and Pawcolor


Fleas be Gone (based on size)          


Anal Gland Expression


* Teeth Cleaning Treatment


Special Shampoo Medicated, 


* The first line of defense in your pet’s oral hygiene is maintenance. Our treatment reduces plaque and tartar without brushing. Your pets will have fresh breath, cleaner, and brighter teeth.


Pamper Your Pup

For pups introduction to the world of pampering with a bath & brush, nails, ears, and neck ornament.


De-shedding Treatment

Rid your dogs and your home of the unwanted undercoat hair and allergy-triggering dander that you and your pooch are experiencing. Based on size & breed starts at:


Facial & Massage

Does your dog love to have his or her face & head massaged? When was the last time they had their face washed?  Our facials will exfoliate, hydrate, and re-balance your pooches skin.



Our pricing is based on breed cut, size and condition of hair, an additional charge is applied for matted pets or difficult to handle pets.


Mini Groom - The Mini Groom helps to maintain your pooches cut in those areas (face, feet, and tail) that always seem to grow faster between normal grooms.  Based on breed cut.Dematting - Starts at $10 based on breed


Extreme Care

Paw Massage - Heal your dogs dry and cracked paws with a paw massage.  The treatment alleviates discomfort with creamy aloe moisturizers. Your pooch will be begging for more.  Includes trim around foot, nail trim, file, pawcolor.



Enrichment Skin Treatment - Provides permanent relief from unhealthy esthetic skin conditions such as dry, flaky, itchy, oily and smelly skin while providing a calming effect on pets. (Based on size of dog).




Select from one of our Pampering Packages for your special pooch to go along with either the Bath & Brush or Groom.


PAMPERED - Nails, Teeth Treatment, BlueBerry Facial Massage and Neck Ornament



SPOILED - “Pampered” package plus Pawcolor, and one (1) Extreme Care Treatment



ROTTEN - “Spoiled” package plus one (1) Extreme Care Treatment


Pooch Color

Wanting to show off your Special Pooch at a tailgate party, cookout or special event? Let your pooch show their support with non-toxic color, glitter or color extensions.


Ears & tail


One color:



Multiple colors:



Whole body - Based on size of dog starts at: