About My Pampered Pooch

All businesses have some type of reward or gratification, other than your bottom line. You just have to figure out what that is, for me it’s the moment we return a four legged friend back to its owners. The response the parent has for their pooch being back with them is priceless.

Other joys we experience is the excitement of adding new four legged family members and helped with nutrition, grooming, and behavioral questions. We’ve also shared the total opposite end of the spectrum with them through tears and having to say good bye to some very special four legged friends that we’ve grown to love as part of our family.

IF I had to sum up what this journey is to me, I’d say it’s a blessing.

Our business continues to grow on the service we provide not only to our pet parents but the loving relationships we have with their four legged family members.


My Pampered Pooch evolved from a friendship that grew between a Siberian husky named Cody and myself. Read Our Story

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