We'd Love to Pamper Your Pooch

Our Story

Cody was good at many things including being a great traveling companion.

My Pampered Pooch evolved from a friendship that grew between a Siberian husky named Cody and myself. I never would have imagined what a blessing I would experience from a 7 week old bundle of fur with big brown eyes. For over 14 ½ years Cody provided me with a friendship that many people never have the opportunity to experience. His ability to transition a good or bad day into a great day was magical all I needed to do was unlock the front door and see my little man wagging his tail and ready to play.

One thing was evident with each passing day; I was learning as much from him about companionship and friendship as he was from me. Funny to think how our four legged friends always seem to know when to walk up to break the concentration of the task at hand by the wag of a tail or the nudge of an elbow to say, “I want some attention!”

Whenever he saw me grab his leash and say “let’s go” he would dance in circles until we were out the door. I always laughed as we would ride down the road and people would look over and see a big Husky dog looking back at them. He loved to hang his head out the window and let the window blow in his face. Many would say that’s not good for a dog but the joy he experienced was priceless as I watched in my side mirrors at him looking around and sniffing the air.

He was an energetic work out partner; he set the pace and I tried to keep up. But what he did best was just hang out with me.

We lost Cody in December of 2009 and things just aren’t the same. I know I’m a stronger person because of the blessing I received from him. My journey will continue without him but he will be my driving force to make My Pampered Pooch a place where pet owners can come to pamper their four legged family members.

There is nothing more exciting than having a client bring a new puppy into the salon, everyone wants to hold them and get a few puppy kisses . . . but we also love to be visited by one of our senior friends to be groomed and pampered like they deserve.

My Pampered Pooch celebrated our 7th Birthday in February of 2017. The opportunities we’ve experienced have grown out of the relationships we’ve established with our clients but mostly out of the relationships with their four legged family members. Our goal has always been and will continue to be to provide great customer service to both. Our business is an emotional business, our clients do not view their pets as just pets but as family members and expect the same level of service for them as they do for themselves.