What are your thoughts on Kinesiology???

Ruth and Riva
Riva had a pretty rough road prior to a friend finding her on the side of the road.

Ruth Generke of www.positivecanineandequine.com. has had three sessions with Riva and I’ve been amazed at some of the things Riva shared.

To give you a little back history on Riva, she’s is a 5 year old rescue and had a pretty rough road prior to a friend finding her on the side of the road. They had 3 or 4 other dogs and couldn’t keep her. We just happened to see them at Ingles Grocery Store in Woodbury, Georgia and went over to say Hey. Last words “If you can’t find her a home call me and I’ll take her to the shop” HA! that was a mistake because the minute she had a bath and cuddled up in my lap I was DONE! Needless to say my life revolves around her and making sure she has everything she needs.

That brings us to Kinesiology, I’m always laughing with our clients saying I wonder what our four legged friends are telling us when they drop them off at the shop???? I think it’s pretty fascinating to understand some of the things Riva has shared with Ruth.

Some might ask what is Kinesiology? I looked up a few definitions on line and found this I think it sums it up to some degree. When the body is disorganized, the structural balance or electrical forces are not functioning in a normal way. The central nervous system sends out a signal that is directed at each and every cell of the body...The electrical energy, or the life force, flows through these nerve cells, which makes energy channels." ...Which leads us into Chinese medicine, acupuncture meridians, and the belief that blocked energy creates imbalance, which can cause illness.

Here are a few minutes of a few of Riva’s sessions with Ruth Generke of www.positivecanineandequine.com.